Can You Teach your Baby to Crawl

26 08 2008

The last few weeks Marley has been trying really hard to move around on her own. However getting her to actually crawl is very tough. We have be putting her toys all around her but only making her scoot around in circles. Oops. So I have been letting her us the tummy flyer that I got for her. It helps her know that she can move around, and makes her arms stronger. Pretty soon I think that shell be crawling. But I did some searching on the net and found this 5 step method… let me know what you think.
Here is Marley on her Tummy Flyer…. you should get one.

It’s a logical 5 Step System to help baby crawl in no time. Let’s look at the 5P steps individually…

  • P – Put on the carpet. The very first thing any baby must master before there’s any hope of learning to crawl… is being comfortable in the tummy lying position. You’ll get great results doing this if you talk to and play with your baby when she’s on the carpet.

  • P – Put together a roller. Roll an ordinary bathroom towel into a “sausage”. Of course, you can also buy any other type of roller. They’re soft cylindrical shaped toys… preferably solid. You do get inflatable ones, but solid ones normally last much longer and can also be used to get teach your child to sit and walk.

  • P – Position the elbows. This step requires you to do something. Gently hold your baby by the elbows and draw them towards her body. It will almost seem as if your child wants to lie on her elbows. Continue to provide support.

  • P – Position on roller. Gently position the “sausage” under your baby’s upper body… arms hanging over the front of the “sausage”. The towel “sausage” supports the upper body – NOT her stomach – with her elbows just touching the carpet. It should slightly raise her upper body thereby allowing her to discover the surroundings. Make sure her elbows touch the carpet – they must not be hanging in the air.

  • P – Perform in front. This is the most important step. Get down on the floor directly in front of your child and face her. Now, let your baby look at your face while you talk to, amuse and encourage her.

The idea is to encourage your child to endure longer sessions on her tummy. Your baby must focus on you and will then spontaneously develop a sense of using both elbows and legs for support. If it’s done right, you’ll soon see her supporting herself on both knees and straight arms… ready to crawl.

The power of this 5P System lies in raising your baby’s upper body to look at her surroundings… all while lying down.

It also only takes a few minutes daily to start seeing results. Obviously, if you can fit in more than one session per day, results come faster.

Isn’t There An Easier Way?

OK, now I have already had a few parents tell me that this 5P technique takes time and effort. It’s not easy and they don’t always have enough time to try the technique. “Isn’t there anything else I can do?”, is quite often the question.

Of course there is!

In my opinion the easiest way of teaching baby to crawl is by playfully introducing the basics by using the gym or the tummy flyer.

I got the tips here—




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